NGC 4676 “The Mice Galaxies”

NGC 4676
NGC 4676 crop

2 colliding/merging galaxies  in the constellation Coma Berenices, 290 million light-years away and part of the Coma Cluster. When Hubble imaged these galaxies they counted over 3300 back round galaxies. When you zoom in a little on full size image you can see that many of the objects in the image are in fact not stars but distant back round galaxies. Imaged using 8 inch RC telescope @ f/8 (1600mm) unguided using MyT mount and protrack, QSI 683 mono CCD camera. Exposure times- 240 second subframes total exposure time L- 6 hours RGB 2 hours each. Unfortunately the 8 inch telescope and poor seeing in my backyard didn’t resolve the galaxies in much detail. NGC 4676a (on the left) you can see some of the dark dust lanes though only show as dim areas but no fine details at all. Apparent size of mice are 2′.3 × 0′.7 / 2′.2 × 0′.8 for comparison apparent size of moon is 31 arc minutes.