NGC 3938

NGC 3938

NGC 3938 an un-barred spiral in Ursa Major around 43 million light years distant. Imaged using 8 inch RC telescope @ f/8 or 1600 mm, QSI 683 mono camera unguided on a MyT mount. 15 hours of exposure time 240 second sub frames. With a couple hours Ha added (didnt add much)

ARP 299

ARP 299 is a collision of 2 barred irregular galaxies located in Ursa Major about 135 million light years away. There appears to be a stream of stars coming off the pair. There are many back round galaxies in the image. Imaged using 8 inch RC telescope, mono QSI 683 unguided at f/8 or 1600 mm focal length using a MyT mount.

NGC 864

NGC 864 a barred spiral galaxy in Cetus. Distance is 60-70 million light years. Imaged using 8 inch RC telescope unguided on a MyT mount using a QSI 683 mono camera. Total integration time is 14 hours. Two hours each RGB and 8 hours on Lum. Sub frames were 4 mins each. This is a fairly small target at 5 arc minutes, for comparison our moon is 31 arc minutes.

NGC 1961

NGC 1961 a distorted spiral found in Camelopardalis, distance is 200 million light years distant. Imaged using RC 8 telescope which doesn’t have quite enough reach for this target. There are hundreds of distant faint fuzzies in background. 12 hours integration time. 240 second sub frames.

Sharpless 200


Sharpless 200 a planetary nebula with some unique looking structure. Located in Cassiopeia approx 3200 light years distant. Imaged at f/8 1600 mm using RC8 inch telescope unguided MyT mount QSI 683 mono camera.

Sharpless 112

Sharpless 112 is an emission nebula located in Cygnus Constellation. Distance is about 5600 light years from earth. The image has a faint red color due to background of image filled with faint nebulosity. Taken with 8 inch RC QSI 683 mono camera unguided at f/8 on a MyT mount. Total exposure time is 12 hours.

Messier 33

Messier 33 show here as a quick ad Hoc mosaic. Taken with an RC 8 inch telescope @ f/8 (1600mm), unguided using MyT mount and protrack. QSI 683 mono camera using 240 second sub frames for LRGB total exposure time 6 hours for each panel or 12 hours.

One of our “local” neighbors M33 is home to some 40 billion stars, M 33 is one of the most studied galaxies, likely due to proximity. Several nebula visible even with an 8 inch telescope. 3 planetary nebula have been found using larger telescopes.

NGC 6914

NGC 6914 (center) is a reflection nebula in Cygnus constellation. Surrounded by dark nebula and hydrogen gas. The object offers a lot of contrast and dim details. Taken with 8 inch RC telescope @ f/8 unguided on a MyT mount. Total exposure time 12 hours.

Eagle Nebula/ Messier 16

Messier 16 and the pillars of creation made famous by Hubble space telescope in 1995. Located in Serpens constellation, approx 7000 light years from earth. Imaged using RC8 telescope @ 1600 mm focal length. Shown here in the Hubble palette Sulfur is red, Hydrogen green, Oxygen blue. Total exposure time 12 hours. Image below is “natural” colors LRGB

NGC 4438/ARP120

Pair of interacting galaxies 52 million light years distant in Virgo constellation. Many surround galaxies part of the Markarian’s Chain. Cant say Im really happy with the way this turned out. I tried something different with noise reduction and sharpening of image. Might still give the data another whirl. Imaged using RC8 inch unguided QSI 683 camera.

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