Another look at M42

False color image SHO
RGB color

One last look toward orion for the year. M42 in color and false color. False color mapped SHO, sulfur to Red, Hydrogen to green, Oxygen to blue. Taken with GSO RC8 telescope @ f/8.

NGC 4214

An irregular barred dwarf galaxy a mere 10 million light years away located in Canes Venatici. Captured with GSO RC 8 inch, QSI 683 mono camera, MyT mount. Exposure time was 2 hours Ha 15 min subs, RGB (binned 2×2) 34 x 240 seconds per channel, Lum 54 x 480 seconds.

Flaming Star Nebula

Nebula is located 1500 light years away both an emission and reflection nebula. Imaged with GSO RC 8 tlescope, QSI683 mono camera, MyT mount.

ARP 188

ARP 188 – The tadpole galaxy, inspired to image by the amazing Hubble. This galaxy is 400-420 million light years away. The “tail is 280,000 light year long. Imaged with a GSO RC8 telescope QSI 683 camera atop a MyT mount. Lum – best 88x 480 seconds- RGB is binned 2×2 30 x 240 seconds per channel. Galaxy is 3.6 arc minutes long, 0.8 arc minutes across.

Messier 50

Messier 50 an open cluster of stars with 508 confirmed stars in the group. Just a quick image during full moon. 2 hours each channel RGB. GSO RC8 telescope, QSI 683 mono camera, MyT mount

NGC 3344

NGC 3344 is a relatively isolated[ barred spiral galaxy located 22.5[ million light years away in the constellation Leo Minor. This galaxy belongs to the group known as the Leo spur, which is a branch of the Virgo Supercluster. Image taken with an 8 inch RC telescope, QSI 683 mono CCD, MyT mount. Lum = 80 x 480 seconds, RGB was binned 2×2 32 x 240 second each channel, Ha 16 x 900 seconds. I’m amazed when zoomed in on the full resolution how many distant fuzzy galaxies in this picture.

NGC 2841

NGC 2841 is an inclined unbarred spiral galaxy exhibiting a prominent inner ring structure in the constellation Ursa Major 46 million light years distant. RC8 telescope, MyT mount, QSI683 camera.Lum is 480 second sub frames x 101. RGB is binned 2×2 2 hrs each channel 240 second subs

Messier 100

Messier 100 a grand design intermediate spiral galaxy NGC 4323 and NGC 4328 are connected to M 100 by a bridge of luminous matter. This group lies 52-55 million light years away in Coma Berenices. NGC 4312 is in the upper right of image some 36 million light years away. Taken with GSORC8 telescope, MyT mount QSI 683 camera

NGC 3184

Spiral galaxy in Ursa Major approx 40 million light years away. Captured using 8 inch RC telescope, QSI 683 mono camera, Astrodon filters, MyT mount. LRGB- Lum is 86 x 8 mins or just over 11 hours. RGB is 3 hours each channel.

NGC 1579

Ngc 1579 a diffuse Ha region in Perseus. Taken with 8 inch RC telescope, QSI 683 mono camera, Astrodon filters, SB MyT mount. Lum is 39 x 8 min RGB is 24 x 4 mins each channel, also took a lot of Ha data though it didnt add much to image 15 mins x 28 total around 22 hours.