IC 417 “The spider”

An emission nebula in Auriga. Taken with an RC 8 telescope unguided at 1600 mm or f/8, QSI 683 mono CCD camera using MyT mount and protrack. Exposure times 240 second each subframe, Lum 5 hr RGB 1.5 hrs each

NGC 869

NGC 869

Half of the double cluster, an open cluster in Perseus. Visible to the naked eye on a dark night (in a dark non light polluted sky) It was a full moon and couldn’t capture the galaxies I’m working on so…

NGC 6910

NGC 6910 an open cluster located in constellation Cygnus.

Imaged using RC8 telescope unguided @ f/8 1600 mm, QSI683 camera, MyT mount

Messier 50

Messier 50 an open cluster of stars with 508 confirmed stars in the group. Just a quick image during full moon. 2 hours each channel RGB. GSO RC8 telescope, QSI 683 mono camera, MyT mount