NGC 1491

NGC 1491 a bright nebula is Perseus constellation. Image could probably benefit from some more time on it but I moved on. Taken with 8 inch RC telescope, mono camera. LRGB 240 second subs 2 hrs each channel, HA 900 second subs 4 hrs.

Sharpless 194

Sh2-194,193,192 3 small possibly connected nebular areas near the Heart and soul nebula. Not much in the way of structure at least not from my scope. RC8 telescope@ f/8, MyT mount unguided using protrack, QSI83 camera.

Rosette Nebula

Rosette Nebula

False color image, Colors mapped Red is Sulfur, Green is Hydrogen, and Blue is Oxygen taken with 8 inch RC telescope. Total exposure time is 14 hours. 15 min sub frames.

NGC 2170

NGC 2170

NGC 2170 is a reflection nebula in the constellation Monoceros. I had a difficult time with this, the image overall still has a decent amount of noise mostly because I didnt want to destroy some of the really faint details. Every time I look at this I see a fairy flying. RC8 telescope @ f/8 1600mm, MyT mount unguided, QSI 683 mono. Lum 480 x 50, RGB 240 x 30 each channel, HA 900 x 20

Sharpless 170


Emission nebula in Cassiopeia approx 7500 light years distant. Imaged using 8 inch RC telescope @ f/8 unguided using Protrack, QSI 683 mono camera, MyT mount. Exposure times RGB 20 x 240 seconds each channel, Lum 40 x 480 seconds, Hydrogen Alpha 29×900 seconds

Vdb 155

Vdb 155 is the bluish reflection nebula near center Lynds dark nebula 1216 surrounds it. This area is right next to a popular target the cave nebula. 9 hours spent on this target. 8 inch RC telescope QSI 683 mono camera on a Software Bisque MyT mount unguided using protrack. Lum 480 sec subs RGB 240 sec subs Ha 900 sec subs

Cave Nebula Sharpless 155

Sharpless 155

A diffuse hydrogen nebula with some surrounding dark nebula. I personally don’t see how it got he cave nebula name. Area has active star formation approx 2400 light years distant in constellation Cepheus.

8 inch RC telescope, QSI 683 mono CCD camera atop a SB MyT mount unguided using protrack. 9 hours total exposure time.

Part of the veil

Portion of veil nebula NGC 6992 shown first in narrowband Sulfur is red Hydrogen is green Oxygen is blue (SHO) nebula is much easier to visualize using narrowband compared to second image same target using “natural colors LRGB. While LRGB is “pretty” the stars distract the eye from the nebula. NB image is 24 x 900 each channel -SHO. LRGB image is mostly time spent on Lum( 6hours) RGB is only 2 hrs each channel. Taken using 8 inch RC telescope @ f/8 or 1600 mm

NGC 7497

The Galaxy in center is ngc 7497 some 60 million light years away. The dust in front in part of the IFN or integrated flux nebula, dust and gas from our own galaxy illuminated by the “glow” of our galaxy. Taken with an RC 8 inch telescope @ f/8 1600 mm focal length unguided using MyT mount and protrack. Total exposure time is 14 hours.

Propeller Nebula

The propeller nebula or Simeis 57 an emission nebula in Cygnus. Distance is approx 4600 light years. Imaged using GSO RC8 telescope @ f/8 or 1600 mm.