NGC 7497

The Galaxy in center is ngc 7497 some 60 million light years away. The dust in front in part of the IFN or integrated flux nebula, dust and gas from our own galaxy illuminated by the “glow” of our galaxy. Taken with an RC 8 inch telescope @ f/8 1600 mm focal length unguided using MyT mount and protrack. Total exposure time is 14 hours.

Propeller Nebula

The propeller nebula or Simeis 57 an emission nebula in Cygnus. Distance is approx 4600 light years. Imaged using GSO RC8 telescope @ f/8 or 1600 mm.

NGC 6960

NGC 6960 or a portion of it as seen via an 8 inch RC telescope @ f/8 LRGB with Ha added in red and Oxygen added to blue. Super Lum was created from L,R,G,B,Ha and OIII. Total exposure time was 12 hours. Veil nebula is a supernova remnant some 1400 light years distant toward Cygnus.

LDN 853

Lynds Dark Nebula 853. Very crowded star field with some hydrogen gas and dark nebula. 8 inch RC telescope @ F/8. QSI 683 camera, MyT mount unguided using protrack.

Abell 39

Abell 39 is a low surface brightness planetary nebula in the constellation of Hercules. It is almost perfectly spherical and also one of the largest known spheres with a radius of about 2.5 light-years. It is located 6800 light years away. Imaged using GSO RC8 telescope at f/8 or 1600 mm focal length, unguided using MyT mount and protrack. QSI 683 mono camera.

Another look at M42

False color image SHO
RGB color

One last look toward orion for the year. M42 in color and false color. False color mapped SHO, sulfur to Red, Hydrogen to green, Oxygen to blue. Taken with GSO RC8 telescope @ f/8.

Flaming Star Nebula

Nebula is located 1500 light years away both an emission and reflection nebula. Imaged with GSO RC 8 tlescope, QSI683 mono camera, MyT mount.

NGC 1579

Ngc 1579 a diffuse Ha region in Perseus. Taken with 8 inch RC telescope, QSI 683 mono camera, Astrodon filters, SB MyT mount. Lum is 39 x 8 min RGB is 24 x 4 mins each channel, also took a lot of Ha data though it didnt add much to image 15 mins x 28 total around 22 hours.

Medusa Nebula

The Medusa Nebula is a planetary nebula in the constellation of Gemini on the Canis Minor border. It is also known as Abell 21 and Sharpless 2-274. Imaged with 8 inch RC telescope, QSI 683 monocamera, MyT mount,astrodon filters.

M 42

8 inch RC telescope- MyT mount- QSI 683 mono camera- astrodon filters exposure times Lum -75 x 30 seconds and 45 x 480 seconds RGB binned 2×2 35 x 30 seconds 35 x 240 seconds